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Technological Process

  • The First step

    Make design and match colors

    Pattern design

    Draw design on a chart and match the different colors on it so that the weavers can follow.This is a creative work.The artisans must have a blue print in their mind.Actually the finished carpet is the representation of the design.To some extent,this is the first important thing because it can determine the value of the carpet.

  • The Second step

    Prepare the material

    Raw materials warehouse

    Natural sunning ground

  • The Third step

    Hang the warps

    weave carpet workshop

    weave carpet workshop

  • The Fourth step

    Knot silk carpets


    The silk yarn will be tied around the two adjoining warp yarns to create a knot.There are Turkish Ghiordes knots and the Persian Senneh knots.The end of the silk thread will be cut off by knife.When a raw of knots is finished the weft yarns will be woven through compartment space between front and back warps.With the comb the knots and wefts will be struck hard against the wefts.

  • The Fifth step

    Making tassel,shearing caret and washing carpet




    After months or even years work the whole carpet is finished.It will be cut down from the loom rack.The ends of the warps will be coiled up into beautiful tassels.The carpet will be sheared evenly and washed thoroughly before being sold.